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Scheduling: Half or full day mediations are easiest to schedule by email. Please email to for availability and scheduling. All mediation sessions are confirmed by email with instructions for materials, the fee deposit and the fee agreement.

Materials: Settlement materials are to be delivered to Northwest Family Mediation and the other party/counsel two working days in advance of the session. Materials may be emailed, but will not be printed and should be supported by hard copy at the time of the session.

Fees: We assume that each party will be responsible for payment of one-half of the mediation fee unless we are notified of an agreement to different arrangements. The fee deposit is due with mediation materials no later than the date in the confirmation, unless other arrangements have been made with Northwest Family Mediation. There is no refund if the hours reserved are not fully expended. If the mediation goes longer than the hours reserved, the outstanding balance must be paid at the conclusion of the session.

Special Circumstances: If there is a no contact order or protection order in place, we ask that the attorneys advise us when scheduling the session of any necessary arrangements to follow the existing orders. If one a party needs to appear by phone, we Skype mediations.

Unrepresented Parties: We provide mediation services for individuals who are not represented by counsel.

Cancellation Fee: We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for mediation sessions that are cancelled with less notice than five business days.


We offer arbitration services tailored to the needs of each case. Please Contact Us to discuss your arbitration needs.