Divorce Mediation


Divorce is never easy, and divorce court proceedings can create adversarial relationships that have far-reaching effects on everyone in your family.

Our commitment at Northwest Family Mediation is to help you and your family avoid costly and emotional court proceedings and develop a workable, practical arrangement for your family’s transition, in a confidential, cooperative environment. We offer divorce mediation, a process that allows you to create the necessary agreements that best suit your interests and values, and that keeps you focused on the tasks required to complete your divorce.

Our skilled, compassionate, and highly trained divorce mediators are impartial facilitators. Our goal is to help you and your spouse work through even the most complex divorce-related issues to create mutually satisfying and durable agreements.  When working through a divorce, sometimes it’s best to think outside the box. Through effective communication and problem-solving methods, we enable you to review your options together and generate creative solutions that work best for your family.

We also offer mediation to develop parenting plans, parenting plan dispute resolution, and arbitration on all family matters.