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Co-parenting coaching is a facilitated process that provides interventions, tailored to the clients’ specific goals and needs as they relate to the specific issues and well-being of their changing family. The coach’s role can include that of facilitator, mediator and coach who utilizes a wide-range of communication and advanced conflict resolution skills as well interest-based mediation skills in the work. The coach will assist with communication impasses, mediation needs, high conflict resolution, and psycho-educational support.

The coach will not give legal advice. To the extent that the coach provides a personal or professional opinion, it is just opinion and not legal advice.

The coach may provide psycho-educational support, but the coach will not be serving as your therapist and interactions with the clients are in no way intended to establish a patient-therapist relationship.


Parenting coordination is a child-focused dispute resolution process that combines parent education, dispute assessment, facilitated negotiations, conflict and communication management, and when parents are unable to resolve their parenting disputes with the Parenting Coordinator’s assistance, recommendations or decision making on issues that are specified in the Stipulation and Order.  The goal is to help parents learn to resolve disputed or difficult issues amicably and efficiently on their own, without having to involve the Parenting Coordinator or the adversarial process.

The parenting coordinator works with parents to:

  1. de-escalate parental conflict to which the child(ren) are exposed;
  2. focus on their child(ren)’s needs and best interests;
  3. promote their child(ren)’s optimum adjustment;
  4. resolve issues and disputes between the parents concerning the clarification, implementation, modification and/or adaptation of the court-ordered parenting plan through the informal process described in this order in a timely and cost-efficient manner without ligation.

Parenting coordinators are ideal for families that need ongoing, structured, accessible, oversight of specific issues/domains for a specified period of time, typically post-decree.


Mediation to Create a Parenting Plan: We offer mediation for divorcing and unmarried parents to develop a parenting plan.

Parenting Plan Dispute Resolution: We offer mediation and arbitration for parents who have disagreements related to their existing parenting plans.

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